• Yalmie

Fruit Fly Hack

I keep my place spotless. I am not even joking. I have a designated day of the week that I clean my space and I do a major deep clean once a month. It’s relatively easy for me to do, as I live in a studio apartment by myself.

It wasn’t until last week that I noticed fruit flys were starting to appear. I kept looking for the source and they seemed to gather by my trash can. I assumed maybe it was from a rotting fruit, specifically the peels of the clementines I had been eating.

I took the trash bag out and tied the bag as quickly as I could so that I could trap some of them in the bag. I still had a few flying around and I am not the type of person who likes to swat and kill flys so I started to think of alternatives.

Growing up, I remember my dad setting aside a cup of apple cider vinegar whenever we had a fruit fly problem at home. It always worked but I had never tried it myself.

I went to the market to buy a small bottle of apple cider vinegar and it was about $1.50 for the store brand. Then I drove back home and got to work. I found a small cup to use and retrieved my bottle of dish soap from under the sink.

I didn’t use any specific measurements and pretty much eyeballed everything. I then poured a little bit of the apple cider vinegar into the cup. After that, I squeezed some of the dish soap into the cup.

The apple cider vinegar attracts the fruit flies to the cup and the dish soap helps drown them...yeah it’s a pretty dark process.

My place is pretty small and it was difficult for me to determine where I wanted to place the cup. I moved it around about three or four times.

I eventually put it on the counter that is closest to my trash can and within minutes, I saw one of the fruit flies flying near it. It did eventually fall for my apple cider vinegar trap and drowned.

This is a super easy and affordable hack to help get rid of any fruit flies that may be taking over your home.

I definitely was not a fan of the smell but it wasn’t totally unbearable.

Have you tried out this hack before? Feel free to share any tips and tricks!